SEJONG UNIVERSITY College of Software Convergence
nrf July 2018. NRF research grant for promoting Korea-Canada research cooperation (2018-2020, PI: Dr. Jin Tae Kwak, Canadian Partners: Drs. Purang Ablomaesumi (UBC) and Parvin Mousavi (Queen's University)) awarded to "Improved Artificial Intelligence System for Real-time Detection and Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer".
Mar. 2018. QuIIL was placed 7th in BACH ICIAR2018 Grand Challenge on Breast Cancer Histology images : Whole-slide images. Link
Sep. 2017. QuIIL won MICCAI 2017 Computational Precision Medicine challenge - Digital Pathology : Segmentation of Nuclei in Images. Link
Aug. 2017. News coverage of the 'Radiology-pathology correlation' paper in Radiology. Link
iitp Apr. 2017. IITP ICT R&D grant (2017-2018, co-PI: Dr. Jin Tae Kwak) awarded to "A development of bare ground orchard pest diagnosis/prescription platform".
nrf June 2016. NRF-MSIP early career grant (2016-2020, PI: Dr. Jin Tae Kwak) awarded to "Development of computational technologies to analyze magnetic resonance imaging and digital pathology imaging for improving prostate cancer diagnosis".
ipet May 2016. IPET grant (2016-2019, Participating Researcher: Dr. Jin Tae Kwak) awarded to "Development of ICT based surveillance system for Fusarium wilt of radish".
nih NIH Bench-to-Bedside grant (2015-2017, co-PI: Dr. Jin Tae Kwak) awarded to "Integrated planning, navigation, ablation and monitoring for prostate cancer". Link
Analytical Scientist selects Scieintific Reports paper in "Landmark Literature: 2015". Link